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Nature hike with canoeing, lunch, coffee, stay in a 4-bed cabin and evening sauna session

Book our hiking package for a full-day experience concluding with delicious food, a hot sauna and an overnight stay in one of our cabins.

Enjoy a full day with your own guide who will take you on a hiking adventure in the morning at Rya Åsar, a 550-hectare nature reserve located next door to the campgrounds. Here, you can experience the wonderfully varied nature and mile-wide views, and walk in the footsteps of Carl Linnaeus.

Lunch is prepared over an open flame together with a chef, who will have the fire going when you arrive.

In the afternoon, the hike continues until you reach Öresjö lake, where canoes await, and you paddle back to the campgrounds on the beautiful Viskan river – the Amazon of Sjuhärad.

When you arrive, a pastry and coffee prepared over an open flame will await you.

Option to buy dinner in the evening from our bistro, or you can cook in your cabin’s kitchen.

Stay in a 4-bed cabin is included.
So is time in our relaxation area, with a soothing sauna session.
You get to choose if you want to finish with the sauna and overnight stay, or if you would prefer to stay the night before to wake up to your hike and adventure.

• Start at Borås Camping, 10:00 am
• Hike trails in Rya Åsar nature reserve
• Around 12:00, we will take a break and eat lunch prepared over an open flame
* The chef will have the fire going and lunch prepped, which we will finish cooking when we arrive
* We will take a break and eat lunch for about 1½ hours
• The hike continues for about 1 hour after lunch
• The hike concludes at the shore of Öresjö, around 2:30 pm, where Borås Camping’s canoes await
• Canoe on Öresjö, 1–1½ hours, before we turn back and return to Borås Camping via the Viskan
• Pastry and coffee prepared over an open flame at Borås Camping around 4:00 pm
• Finish at 4:30–5:00 pm

Contact us to inquire about a date.

For booking, email